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Power Position Group is Growing

We have expanded throughout Northern
California and now have offices in San
Francisco and San Jose!

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Powerful Promotions

The Power Position Group, Inc. team works
together like a finely tuned instrument to
put the business of our clients ahead of
the rest.

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An Outstanding Collection of Talent

Our diverse team functions best out of the
box, working creatively in a lively, focused
environment for outstanding results.

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Welcome to Power Position Group, Inc., a direct marketing firm led by John L. Reed II out of California. We focus on providing direct marketing that has a positive impact on clients. Unlike other direct marketing providers, we take our interest in the progress of clients to the next level, helping them to innovate and show their products in the very best light. We treat every product like it has the potential to change the way we live and work forever, and in the process, transform our team and the communities where we serve consumers. And in a world where great jobs are hard to come by, our company wishes to inject an entrepreneurial spirit into our team members that creates a great atmosphere in which to work. Not only does this generate better results for our clients, it helps our team grow personally and professionally, too.

Power Position Group is taking over the Bay Area with new offices located in San Francisco and San Jose!

In Person, Direct Marketing from Power Position Group, Inc.

Planning an Internet campaign or an ad in the newspaper? Forget them. One problem with such platforms is their limited impact and short reach. Power Position Group, Inc. can make a lasting impression, and show potential customers personally why your product can make their lives easier.

On-Site Promotions by Power Position Group, Inc.

Not only do our clients benefit from some of the sharpest minds in marketing, but they also gain access to the Power Position Group, Inc. retail network. This gives your product pride of place in an environment where thousands of shoppers have money to spend. Now that's a powerful position to be in.

Power Position Group, Inc. is Results Driven

We deliver results you can measure. In a recent six-month campaign, we helped our client to grow their profit levels by 154%. Your product could be next. Our experience, tailor-made strategies, passionate team and thought-out systems make sustainable, measurable growth an achievable goal.

Power Position Group Loves California

Executives at Power Position Group find many opportunities based on location alone. California offers growth potential for our firm with its business culture and recreational offerings. Director of operations, John, has been heard saying, “We love our location because it is...

Power Position Group: Meet, Lydia!

Lydia graduated from CSU Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in economics and has experience managing a large office in Pittsburgh, PA. When combined with her skills in office management and recruiting, Lydia’s experience makes her an essential individual as Power Position...

PRESS RELEASE: Power Position Group Gives Back to Two Local Nonprofits

GOLD RIVER, CA – Power Position Group is a premier consulting and marketing firm that is committed to being a responsible corporate entity. As such, they were pleased to be involved in two separate giveback initiatives this quarter. Power Position Group Supports the Center for...